Fall Out of Summer

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Slowly but surely, the tomatoes at the farmer’s market are being replaced by pears and other fall produce…

Which San Francisco neighborhood has the best restaurants?

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This topic arose the other day at the office: Which SF neighborhood has the best restaurants? We never came up with a definitive answer to this question at work, but it’s been on my mind ever since. Last year, I sang the virtues of these twenty restaurants that all happen to be scattered all over the city. It’s hard for me to choose just one neighborhood. Could it be the Richmond district, with its great Korean and Shanghai dumplings, and the other neighborhood cheap eats that anchor it? Or is it the Marina, home to my beloved restaurant A16? As overrun as downtown is with tourists and business travelers, it’s home to some restaurants that are dear to me: Katana-ya, Town Hall, Bong Su, even — dare I say it — the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus.

I’ve thought about this long and hard, and I don’t have an answer that I can stand behind 100 percent. At long last, I am inclined to say the Mission. Despite its shady drug deals, too-cool-for-school hipster reputation, and never-ending shortage of street parking, the neighborhood is filled with a diverse selection of thriving restaurants. I appreciate the never-fail favorites like Delfina, Pizzeria Delfina, Tartine and Foreign Cinema. I also welcome Spork, Dynamo Donuts, Frjtz, and all the other trendsetters that give me a chance to try something different and new.

Do you have any votes for the San Francisco neighborhood with the best restaurants? Please do chime in!

Blackberry Crumbles

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In case you were wondering, I did wind up making those blackberry crumbles

Picking Blackberries

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This week Andy and I took a walk in the woods near our house. Since we’re in the thick of blackberry season (pun intended), I was hoping we’d find some blackberries on the wild bushes that grow on the side of the road.

They were just starting to ripen. Many of them were an unripe magenta hue, and even more still remained colorless. Picking them was tricky, since the bushes were covered with thorns, and they also happened to grow along the side of a rather steep ravine.

My hands were scratched and covered with berry stains, but I was able to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor. I haven’t yet decided what to do with them, but I’m pondering making blackberry crumbles.

Don’t you love how blackberries can look so much like molecules?

Pinch me. Is it real?

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So it finally (and completely unpredictably) happened: I got a job writing about what I love most — food.

I am so incredibly excited!!!

Starting the week after next, I’ll be one of the editors at YumSugar, a food blog connected to the online women’s network Sugar Inc. I’m still definitely going to weigh in on restaurants (something I won’t be doing in my professional blogging space), home-cooked meals and other musings here, but you’ll also be able to read me on YumSugar under the byline “YumSugar” from now on.

Bring it on!