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Persistent Question: Why are meals offered in only one size?

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My friend Fumiko and I pondered this question over our lunch hour. I can’t seem to get my arms around the concept, for the following reasons:

1. Size options are a necessity in a world of differing people and varying needs. After all, most things in life come in different sizes: shirts, socks, sandals, Starbucks. How can a 6’4″ male athlete and a 5’3″ female be expected to finish the same-sized meal? When we go for Chinese takeout at lunchtime, who is that $5 combo platter meant for?

2. This mentality is contributing to America’s obesity epidemic. The idea is that “one size fits most” and the average person will be able to finish the portion, give or take a little more or a little less. Like a kid’s menu “for ages 12 and under,” today’s default food serving appears to be something along the lines of “serves large, active men and smaller.” If you happen to belong to the “and smaller” part of the equation, it’s your responsibility to determine when to curb your ever-hungry eyes.

3. We’re unfairly paying the same price for different levels of need. If you wanted to buy a 15″ analog TV, would it be fair to pay the same price as someone who wanted a 30″ plasma flat-screened HDTV? No one would stand for that. So why is a small woman willing to pay the same price for food as a large man?

4. If Starbucks can do it, how hard can it be? Enough said.

The epitome of a great neighborhood restaurant

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My friend Steph raved about the fried chicken at Firefly in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, so I leaped at the opportunity to go when my boyfriend Andy was in town.

We recognized the establishment by the gigantic firefly hanging above the entrance. As I walked into the restaurant, I was blown away by the warm, buttery smell of truffles. I did some investigating and soon learned it was the brussels sprouts appetizer. My nose could tell that they would be wonderful, so I made a mental note to order them, even though Andy doesn’t care for brussels sprouts, a fact that I’ve learned when cooking them at home. (At another time, I will have to tell you about the time I made “brussels sprouts two ways” — not his favorite meal.) To his surprise and my delight, it didn’t take long for him to experience a change of heart. Post-roast, these notoriously bitter greens were soft and sweet on the inside, and sported a crisp outer shell with a deep caramel flavor.

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A Global Take on Brunch at Pomelo on Church

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Pomelo’s mini muffins
On an unusually warm and sunny San Francisco fall morning, we sat at a cozy window table in the corner of Pomelo on Church, my hands wrapped around a comforting bowl of coffee. A surprise plate of mini-muffins appeared. They were still warm from the oven, and crispy on the outside like scones. We picked them apart, trying to figure out the ingredients. Was that macadamia nut or apple…? No, it was pear! Slivers of comice pear and hearty whole hazelnuts had us in a mini-muffin daze. “These are so good,” my friend cooed. “Handing them out is a brilliant idea. Once anyone’s had one, they’ll want to order them off the menu.”

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So it begins

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I love food and I love to write, so this blog will serve as an outlet for my two favorite passions. At its best, food writing does for the mind what amuses bouche do for the palate: It proffers a taste (pun intended) of the food journey that awaits you.