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Ping An Mien

Posted in Susannah's Home with tags on January 27, 2008 by Susannah

Ping An Mien

The passing down of family recipes may just be the best illustration of the impact that food has on society. Across all cultures, cherished family recipes are passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, I’ve always felt that my kitchen has been the exception. That is, until I remembered ping an mien.

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A16, Part Deux

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When I visited A16 for the first time a few months back, I left the restaurant walking on air. Well, I went back for a second time recently, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve yet to be disappointed.

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Mesa Grill

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The Bar at Mesa Grill

A while back I sought advice on where to eat in Las Vegas during my visit there. All of you responded with pensive and thoughtful comments.

Unfortunately, my trip to Vegas went entirely unplanned. Because a family reunion brought me to Las Vegas in the first place, and didn’t know where I would be staying, what we would be doing and what familial obligations I’d have. For this reason, I didn’t bother to book any reservations in advance, and as a result, there were limited places where I could go.

A slew of disappointing phone calls and one last-minute reservation later, we found ourselves at the Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay’s Southwestern standby. It was the only place where we were able to secure a reservation on Christmas Eve.

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Major disappointment at Cheeseboard Pizza

Posted in pizza, Restaurants, Reviews with tags on January 1, 2008 by Susannah

Cheeseboard Pizza

Since practically everyone I know has sung praise for Berkeley’s Cheeseboard Pizza, it’s been at the top of my list to check out. Well, I went for dinner this weekend, and guess what.

It’s good, but it’s not all that!

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