Welcome home, honey…dinner’s ready!

Disclaimer: I don’t in any way profile myself as a domestic housewife. This disclaimer prefaces the question that I am about to ask:

What should I make Andy for dinner?

He’s in NYC for a yearlong master’s program but will be coming home to our place for the holidays. What courses mark a good “welcome home” dinner? His favorite things in the world are fries and strawberry shortcake, but he pretty much likes anything except oysters.

3 Responses to “Welcome home, honey…dinner’s ready!”

  1. A gourmet mac ‘n cheese! I think Andy would love it. You should do some kind of brined/roast chicken (a change from fried) and some simple braised greens or kale on the side.

  2. I love both ideas! Perhaps I will go for turduckeneese… turducken stuffed with macaroni and cheese!

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