Persistent Question: What is the ‘right’ way to eat sushi?

Eating Sushi

My friend Lisa and I stopped by Ace Wasabi’s for dinner last night. We ordered quite a few large rolls — like the vegetarian futomaki, stuffed with asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, cucumber, gobo and kanpya — that were definitely too large to fit into the mouth in one bite. This turned out to be quite a challenge for Lisa, and we wound up with enough rice and vegetables on our plates and in our soy sauce trays to comprise an entire piece of maki!

“The seaweed is too chewy [for me to bite off a clean bite],” my friend complained.  She was right.

But given that sushi is eaten on so many first dates, I’ve got to assume there is a strategic way to eat large pieces of sushi without looking like a fool.

Any thoughts?

7 Responses to “Persistent Question: What is the ‘right’ way to eat sushi?”

  1. It is true, I am sushi challenged. hahah, I basically looked just like the kid in this pic!

  2. James in Boston Says:

    No strategery is necessary. Just say something like… I dare you to eat this. I mean it’s it kinda adorable to have your date struggle a little with some food. It’s a classic scenario to grow closer over a mistake… remember that pasta scene in Lady and the Tramp.

    This resturant sounds like fun for a first date, at least it won’t be boring and formal.

  3. An aside, have you eaten at Koo in the Inner Sunset? If you do, you have to have the Spoonful of Happiness appetizer:

  4. James Raoul Vermont Says:

    Friends and enemies,

    This question can be easily answered.

    1. Dip just the top of the cone in a lickle bit of (lite) soya.
    2. Now you gotta go for it. This bite is key. You put the entire wide part of the cone into your mouth and bite down, eating the less filled part of the cone.
    3. Now you’re left with a more densely packed more manageable mini-cone. Dip into soya, and enjoy slowly. If the sush is well made the rice should stick and the seaweed paper should hold it all together.

    This is all pretty simple. I must say though that “vegetarian” sushi is quite a cop out. I just call it rice and vegetables.


  5. I must agree that vegetarian sushi is not quite the same. On our next sushi outing, I shall be slipping in some new “special” vegetables.

  6. I agree–this has been a big problem for me on outings past! My question is, why do the sushi places stuff the jumbo rolls so fat? Couldn’t they just spread out the fillings, admittedly raising the rice-to-filling ratio, so that this entire situation could be avoided? Does the jumbo roll have any basis in traditional japanese cuisine, or is it an americanization we could just as soon do without? If that’s the case, might as well us a knife and fork.

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