Where should I eat in Vegas?


Las Vegas might be the mecca for gambling, debauchery and one-night stands, but it’s one of America’s high-end dining destinations.

This year I’ll be celebrating the holiday season in Sin City as my extended family is a little too obsessed with gambling. (I’ve never caught on to that; my tenth-grade statistics teacher taught me that the house always wins.) Vegas is not my destination of choice, but I’ll be looking forward to trying some of the world-famous cuisine that America’s Playground has to offer.

Dozens of designer chefs from around the country have capitalized on the Vegas restaurant market, launching spinoffs of their highly successful originals: They include Thomas Keller (Bouchon), Daniel Boulud (db bistro moderne), Emeril Lagasse (Delmonico Steakhouse), Wolfgang Puck (Spago, Chinois), the Brennan family (Commander’s Palace), and Bradley Ogden (Bradley Ogden). Supposedly, there are excellent mom-and-pop establishments, too. And let’s not forget that the city is full of buffets to end all other buffets.

With a budget like mine, I certainly won’t be eating like a king at every meal, but I’d like to splurge on at least one or two excellent meals of any sort. If you can recommend (or discourage) eating at any restaurants in Las Vegas, please drop me a note!

13 Responses to “Where should I eat in Vegas?”

  1. got to emril’s place at the MGM – dining at the bar is a great option if they’re booked.

    -aram (sf, ca)

  2. I’m a Thomas Keller whore, so I’d say Bouchon, especially if you haven’t been to the one in Yountville yet. I’ve also been dying to try Daniel Boulud’s food, so I’d probably go to his place. My wife has been to Emeril’s place in the MGM and she said it’s good.

    For buffets, the one in Paris is pretty good for the money, and Bellagio’s is the best…and priciest.

  3. Thanks for the very helpful suggestions!

  4. Well, I went to Bobby Flay’s restaurant one of the last times I was there. It was pretty good, but not outstanding!

  5. Go to Bouchon and order the appetizer that’s the salmon spread. (I’m totally blanking on the exact name of the dish right now.) Truly one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. The rest of the meal was excellent, as well – I heart Thomas Keller!

    Of course I’m biased, but save your trip to Commander’s Palace for the real one in New Orleans. Being so iconic to the New Orleans dining scene, it has an ambiance you just can’t recreate.

  6. Thanks for your tips everyone! I will definitely keep them in mind when I head to Vegas…of course I want to try them all!

  7. […] Andy had a ham and cheese baguette with madrange ham and emmenthaler cheese. When he previously ordered this at the Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian in Las Vegas, he recalled it being simple yet refined. Somehow, it didn’t translate this time around: the bread was hard and cold. We had the option of having it warmed in the panini press, but our server informed us that this made the bread about ten times harder. My feeling is that this dish could have been much better — I will have to try it when we revisit Las Vegas this December. […]

  8. For a really big splurge, there are a couple of restaurants that are a cut above those you mentioned. Guy Savoy in Caesar’s Palace is one. Joel Robuchon’s place in the MGM Grand is another. Those guys have both held 3 Michelin stars at one point or another. If you’re willing to drop serious dime, that’s where I would go. Doesn’t Michael Mina have a place or two there? Definitely not Emeril’s, and I’ve heard the Vegas Bouchon is way sub par than the Yountville one. There’s also a place called Rosemary’s that’s not on the strip but is apparently an excellent restaurant.

  9. I know how you looove a good steak. Darren’s favorite restaurant in the world is Prime at the Bellagio, for the steak. Start working on your appetite.

  10. I love it!! Thank you for that suggestion!

  11. […] Bouchon Bakery, Part Deux Apologies for not posting sooner — I’ve just returned from vacation in Las Vegas. […]

  12. […] while back I sought advice on where to eat in Las Vegas during my visit there. All of you responded with pensive and […]

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