So it begins


I love food and I love to write, so this blog will serve as an outlet for my two favorite passions. At its best, food writing does for the mind what amuses bouche do for the palate: It proffers a taste (pun intended) of the food journey that awaits you.


7 Responses to “So it begins”

  1. rock on system!!!! make it rain you lil’ foody you!

  2. frugalfoodie Says:

    Love the new blog! I’m really looking forward to reading more of your great writing (and please keep the foodporn coming).

    Hope I can get my own blog off the ground soon!

  3. First off- i love the name, bien sur!
    Also that picture is super glam.
    Welcome to the world of blogging.

  4. i’m so proud of you! love the name and the pun!

  5. ZING! nice pun. keep ’em coming!

  6. Steph told me about your blog, and I think it’s great so far. I’ve added you to my blogroll, as well.

    Can’t wait to

  7. Thanks everyone for your encouraging words!

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